The Best Tacos Milwaukee Has To Offer

Aug 14, 2017

In preparation for your next Taco Tuesday, dining critic Ann Christenson wrote the cover story on the best tacos in town in the August issue of Milwaukee Magazine. She explains that what we’re talking about here is tacos — not, strictly speaking, Mexican food.

"For better or worse, if you take a flour or corn tortilla and put some really delicious ingredients inside, wrap it up ... it is a different form of sandwich," she explains.

Whether or not you agree if a taco is a sandwich, Christenson has some recommendations on where to find the best ones. For starters, she says you can head to Milwaukee's south side for a multitude of "really homey, casual, little places:"

The restaurant is open Friday through Sunday and open until they sell out of food. Christenson says it's well worth the trip.

"You walk inside and right in the dining room at the counter, they've got the carnitas right there and these huge links of chorizo ... If you want to go the really traditional style, they're gonna put raw onion, some cilantro, and fresh lime and you're good to go. To me, that's all I really want or need. But they have really wonderful salsas at this place and the carnitas are just melt in your mouth — they're so good."

  •  Taco Loco - inside the El Rey Market (5200 W. Oklahoma Ave.)

"Chorizo, chicken, pork, steak — your pick!" Christenson notes that it is quality food at a reasonable price.

"It's hard to sell people on the idea of a restaurant that maybe is adjacent to a gas station, but it's so welcoming and friendly inside. You can see behind the counter that they make their own corn tortillas right there. You get this taco and the meat is warm, the tortilla is warm, it's tastes fresh, it's a great taco."