Both Wisconsin's Democratic Gov. Tony Evers & GOP Lawmakers Declare Victory In Budget Battle

Jul 8, 2019

After a months-long, bruising fight over the state budget, Gov. Tony Evers signed the document last week.

Republicans who control the Legislature are declaring victory because of the mark they put on the Democratic governor’s spending plan. They stripped his major policy proposals and made other big changes.

But Evers also considers the final document to be a success, according to JR Ross of Evers was able to use his line-item veto power to alter the GOP version of the budget. Ross adds that some of Evers’ other goals were met, too – just not necessarily the way he planned.

“The one thing he didn’t get was the Medicaid expansion. However, Republicans did spend a lot more in state tax dollars to put more money into health care programs, so in a lot of ways he got some things he wanted,” Ross says.

Ross discusses both sides’ take on the final spending plan in this week’s Capitol Notes.