A Century Of Miller Versus Budweiser: Will Either Win?

Jun 20, 2019

The rivalry between Miller and Budweiser is nearly as old as the beers themselves. However, the century-old fight took a new turn earlier this year when Anheusuer-Busch premiered an ad at the Superbowl attacking MillerCoors' use of corn syrup in two of its flagship beers.

The history of this competition — and its modern incarnation — is documented in this month's Milwaukee Magazine. The article, "The Big Beer Battle," was written by Matt Piper.

Piper sat down with Lake Effect's Joy Powers to discuss the rivalry and its impact on the greater beer world.

"There's a feeling that some marketing professionals have that its kind of easy to get caught up in this back-and-forth and it's kind of exciting to be going back and forth with your rival. But at a point it has diminishing returns and it can have a negative effect on the overall category of beer if the beer giants are constantly taking shots at each other," Piper says.