Comedian Will Durst on Lampooning the Presidency in the Post-Truth Era

Sep 22, 2017

Will Durst is back home this weekend. The political writer and comedian from Milwaukee lives in the Bay Area today, but has shows this Friday and Saturday at Comedy Sportz in Walker’s Point.

His show, Durst Case Scenario, explores America in the time of President Trump.  Normally, Durst says, the year after an election is a time when people are ready for a break from political comedy.  But not this year, he says. 

But while his previous satire may have focused on policy foibles, Durst says there's something more fundamental he's working with in 2017 - the truth, and the President's relationship with it.  It's made the veteran comic writer more than a little combative.

"I’m going after him the same way he went after America," Durst says, "with lies and insults and threats - and blatant falsehoods and alternative facts.  I’m just gonna makes stuff up if I have to."

But before he goes up on stage, he stopped by the Lake Effect studio to chat: