Ex Fabula: Back To School

Aug 18, 2018

With two more weeks left in August, the back-to-school pictures have begun traveling on social media. And though there are still a plethora of Milwaukee ethnic and music festivals left to extend summer well into the fall, many students and teachers alike are spending this weekend prepping lesson plans, backpacks and wardrobes for the new school year.  

This weekend, we salute you, back-to-schoolers. We hope these stories will make you smile as you get ready for the big year ahead.

Sandy Brusin began teaching in 1967, diving right into her student teaching assignment in a 12th grade class. As the semester neared its conclusion, Sandy’s master teacher became pregnant and the school principal offered Sandy a full-time teaching position. However, for the principal to get her back into his school she’d have to register as a city of Chicago substitute teacher. Instead of spending her first “real” teaching day at “her” school, Sandy was called into a middle school on the southwest side of Chicago (a world away from her north Chicago burb). After a lengthy planes, trains and automobiles commute to her first day, that 7th grade class taught her a lesson she never forgot.

Like many little girls, growing up Dana Lovrek dreamed of getting married. And in the 2nd grade, she found the boy who would make that dream come true. Only, poor little Brian thought girls had cooties and was more interested in playing with his friends than he was in the girl who professed her love for him (to everyone in the school). Then, the heavens shone down on Dana, and Brian “proposed” one spring day. Tune in to hear whether this 2nd grade romance bloomed or bombed:

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