Ex Fabula: To Be of Service

Aug 11, 2018

There’s a lot of noise out here telling us that the sky is falling and that there’s no good left in our neighborhoods, cities, and country. That's why “To Be of Service” to each other, to neighbors, and to those in zip codes not our own, can be the most radical act we can commit. This week, we bring you two stories of people who chose to step up when they could have walked away. 

Dominic Inoye, founder of Zipmke, took the long way home from the Eastside of Milwaukee to Wauwatosa one spring afternoon, looking for faces and places that might catch his photographic eye. A beautiful, sunny day, he happened upon a lovely African American couple sitting on their front porch in Sherman Park. Parking his car, he took his camera over and introduced himself, hoping for a nice picture to add to the showcase. What he didn’t expect was to experience a moment of humility and an opportunity to serve this family in a way far greater than taking their photo ever could.

Storyteller Peter Woods
Credit Art Montes

Peter Woods works with high school kids - advising them on goal setting, credit checks and college applications, things that happen in the real world. Peter met Sam during the middle of Sam’s sophomore year and though he had trouble with attendance and trouble at home, Sam was also creative and funny and brilliant and Peter really began to like him. However, over the next year and a half, for every few steps forward Sam and Peter made together getting Sam closer to graduation, Sam would take another couple steps back. Here is Peter’s story from 2015's “Do the Math.” Did Peter find the right equation to lead Sam to graduation day?

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