Ex Fabula: Fun on the Farm

Aug 4, 2018

This week we’re welcoming our friends from Up North to out west, for it’s Wisconsin State Fair time and that means corn, cream puffs, cotton candy and animals of all shapes and sizes. And we’ve got some interesting farming stories for you.

When Liza Kessler comes to the Ex Fabula stage we always know we’re in for a treat and this “Acquired Taste” story did not disappoint. After having arm surgery, Liza was in search of something to protect her cast while showering. Her doctors recommend “cattle insemination gloves.” Oddly enough, this wasn’t the first time Liza had experienced cattle insemination…listen here to find out why and what exactly happened in Germany in 1986.

Storyteller Hannah Uitenbroek.Credit Carolina Mulvey-VidelaEdit | Remove

Hannah Uitenbroek grew up with a large, close German farm family - and she loved it. Her grandfather used to tell stories of how their first ancestors immigrated to the United States from Prussia. Three boys and their mother, only the mother never made it. As orphans, the boys were put up for the public’s “charity”…and so the story of Hannah Uitenbroek’s family farm begins.

In this story from February’s “Interrogating Whiteness: Ex Fabula Fellows Event,” Uitenbroek shares her story of family history, identity and privilege and what happened once she began college studying history, sociology and social justice.

Listen to these tales of fun on the farmstead, here: 

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