Ex Fabula: Never Say Never

Jun 23, 2018

Ex Fabula celebrated many new and exciting partnerships last season, and we started off Season 9 with a bevy of special events and community collaborations. As we spend this summer planning for our 10th Season, we’ll be looking back and celebrating some of our amazing community partners, milestones, favorite stories and generous sponsors (not to mention the awe-inspiring stories that make us laugh, cry and think). Stay tuned.

This weekend many of us will be packing up our vehicles and hitting the open roads for what all Wisconsinites spend those long cold months waiting for: the great summer adventure. While some prefer the urban experience of block parties and festivals, others head for the great outdoors. However, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel travel writer Chelsey Lewis takes to two wheels for her adventure.

Ride along as she recounts her tale of biking the Elroy Sparta Trail alone, including an interesting encounter with the legendary "Tunnel Tom." Chelsea was the guest storyteller at last October’s “On The Road” Storytelling Event at the Milwaukee Historical Society.  What did she learn about herself from that road trip? Listen to find out!

Storyteller Sorrina Beecher
Credit Art Montes

Sorrina Beecher is another trailblazer.  Just after graduating high school,  Sorrina learned she was pregnant. Determined to continue earning her college degree, she moved south with her parents to Lumbertown, NC. It was there that a college professor informed her that as a young, single-mother, Sorrina could never become a journalist.

In this story from Ex Fabula’s November “Work” StorySlam in collaboration with several Milwaukee Young Professionals Networks, we follow Sorrina from WI to NC and back again and learn why it’s always better to never say never.

Hear Chelsea and Sorrina's stories here: