Ex Fabula: Summer Festival Follies

Jun 30, 2018

Festival season is officially upon us! With the kick off of the Big Gig, visitors and neighbors alike will flock to Milwaukee’s lakefront for the crown jewel that makes Milwaukee “the city of festivals.” Along with Summerfest comes other ethnic celebrations, church festivals, and neighborhood block parties; all celebrating the things that give us hope during the long winter months…the music, food and merriment of Milwaukee summer.

Storyteller Carol Hale
Credit Art Montes

This week we’re heading back to February and Ex Fabula’s “First Time” StorySlam at Lakefront Brewery with a story from musician and Ex Fabula favorite, Peter Woods. There are things in life Peter just doesn’t understand. Drugs are one of those things. Of course he knows people who use them (for medicinal purposes, of course), but he never had. So when he happened upon a merchandise tent at an outdoor music festival, he thought nothing of the homemade brownies sitting alongside the shirts and CDs. What a nice gesture! What happened next? Listen to find out.

Carol Hale’s “First Time” story comes with a warning: don’t try this at home. On a summer evening a decade ago with music from a local street festival floating on the breeze, Carol and some friends (also musicians) ate some local fungi – and not the kind you can order on a pizza. As she watched her friends scatter to follow the music, Carol stayed put to become one with nature. Yet she was soon pulled towards the music and the crowd of the festival as well. What began as a “chill” evening quickly turned into a cacophony of chaos that Carol couldn’t quite find her way out of.

Listen to Peter and Carol's stories here:

Ex Fabula wishes you a happy and safe 4th of July holiday. Please watch out for yourselves and each other.