Ex Fabula: Thank You for Being a Friend

Sep 19, 2017

They know our secrets. They know our stories. They’re the ones that laugh hardest when we say, “Remember when” and are the first ones to answer when we call in the middle of the night. They are our Girlfriends. From the Golden Girls to the Sisterhood of Traveling Pants, the bonds of female friendships have long been celebrated on screen and in literature. So this week we thought we’d bring the celebration to the airwaves with our own special tribute to our favorite gal pals.

When Marge Eiseman took it upon herself to organize a singles event that did not include volleyball or a bar, she was hoping to set the stage for a more casual, natural way to meet interesting men. When Barbara Chudnow saw the event announcement she thought it would be a great opportunity to introduce her surrogate little brother to a nice woman. In this “How We Met” story from February of 2012, that night was the beginning of a relationship more important than either woman had even imagined.

Storyteller Kimberly Ousley.
Credit Art Montes

High school can be cruel for anyone, but for someone with a mental illness, it can be devastating.  Especially when all of your peers know, and never let you forget it. In this “Forgotten” story from April of 2016, Kimberly Marie Ousley shares a poignant story of loyalty, unconditional love and the importance of being there.

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