Fit For You: Wellness Coaching

Jun 19, 2015

Many people visit nutritionists, therapists, psychologists, and health professionals to improve their overall well-being. However, when you need a tailored and personal self improvement plan to work in tandem with treatments provided by specific professionals, many find visiting a wellness coach to be beneficial.

Jennifer Nickens is a coach, but the term "life coach" isn't one she identifies with.  Nickens first started working in massage therapy, but also found herself getting immersed in the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of her client's lives that happened after the massage session was over.

"I really am interested in dealing with the mind, body and spirit, and how those things come together - how they play off of each other, and how if one of those things is out of order it effects the rest of you," says Nickens.

Nickens became a wellness coach who combines her professional training with the physical elements of massage to help people work towards their own goals. These goals can be as diverse as weight loss, stress management, interpersonal communication, and much more.

"We just deal with what's at hand and I help you discover tools that work for you. And I try to find what your niches are...what makes you shine and what makes you bright," says Nickens.

Jennifer Nickens is a wellness coach, massage therapist, Reiki Master, and owner of Your Siesta Massage in Whitefish Bay.