Futurist Says Future Bright, But Prepare To Adapt & Have Backup Plans

Aug 29, 2019

A futurist who spoke in Milwaukee this week says education, the business world, health care — the list goes on — are going through rapid changes.  And get ready for more change, he says. 

Minnesota-based writer, lecturer and consultant Jack Uldrich took part in a workplace and innovation networking event at Marquette University. While there, Uldrich told WUWM Innovation Reporter Chuck Quirmbach about the trends that the futurist believes are transforming tomorrow:


"Today is the slowest rate of change any of us are ever going to see again," he says.

Uldrich says the changes stem from a variety of technologies, including artificial intelligence, the "Internet of things," 3D printing, virtual reality, autonomous vehicles, and stem cell research. And all of those are moving at a really fast pace.

"From my perspective as a futurist, no industry is going to look as it looks today in 10 years' time. And both industry needs to understand that and our teachers and our professors need to begin preparing our students for a potentially radically different future," he says.

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