Homelessness Persists In Milwaukee Despite Fewer People Trying To Survive On The Streets

Mar 15, 2019

In recent years chronic homelessness has improved in Milwaukee, as fewer people are trying to survive out on the streets. But as with many social issues, there’s a more complicated story just beneath the surface.

Writer Barbara Miner helps tell the story of the more silent homelessness problem that persists in the city, in an article and photo essay in the March issue of Milwaukee Magazine. The article features stories from five different Milwaukeeans who have experienced homelessness. One of the people she profiles is Natalie Hayden, who recently lived in a shelter with her daughter for eight months.

"My time there was definitely intentionally effective, to the very healing I needed when I arrived at the doorsteps," says Hayden. 

Miner discusses the different types of homelessness that people are experiencing in Milwaukee, and Hayden shares her own experience with homelessness, how it changed her life, and her work as a counselor with the Milwaukee Job Corps: