How a Jeep Donned in Cartoon Condoms Will Promote Safe Sex in Milwaukee This Summer

Jun 7, 2018

Pridefest Milwaukee starts Thursday, kicking off the city’s busy festival season. Thousands are expected to celebrate at events running through the weekend.

If you plan to join the activities, you may come across an attraction that’s sure to be a topic of discussion. It's a new approach to educating people about sexual health in Milwaukee.

Credit 414 Photography

The attention-grabbing "Rubber Rover" will make its debut at Pridefest on Saturday. It’s a dreamsicle orange-colored jeep – and it’s covered in whimsical cartoon art of people, animals, plants… and condoms. A pink cactus is even sporting one. The goal of the jeep is to promote safer sex and to make condoms more accessible and acceptable.

Credit 414 Photography

The Rubber Rover is a mobile extension of Diverse & Resilient’s 414ALL campaign, which is aimed at reducing sexually transmitted infection and teen pregnancy rates.

The jeep will stop by Milwaukee's Juneteenth Day Festival later this month.