How Justin Beck Built A Mobile Game Studio That Partners With Disney

Oct 28, 2019

When Google and Microsoft came calling with the type of jobs many young computer engineering graduates look for, Justin Beck turned them down. The 2009 graduate of UW-Madison wanted to stay in town and build the gaming studio PerBlue, which he started with his business partner, Andrew Hansen.

Justin Beck advises other entrepreneurs to hire people better than themselves to ensure a rock star team.
Credit Courtesy of Justin Beck

Their first effort, a Pokeman Go-type video game was about 10 years too early. But Beck and his partner went on to create Parallel Kingdom, a successful mobile location-based, massively multi-player game that put players in a virtual world on top of the real world. In 2016, they sold another hit game, DragonSoul, to GREE Entertainment for $35 million.

PerBlue today employs more than 50 developers in Madison. It publishes, among other titles, Disney Heroes: Battle Mode under a partnership with the mega entertainment company.

Beck's tips for other entrepreneurs

  • Focus
  • When you run out of money, the whole show stops. Prudent management of cash is a critical attitude to have.
  • Choose carefully who you partner with.
  • Manage your relationships with investors.
  • Hire great people who are better than you. If you do that, you will for sure build out a rock star team that is able to move mountains. It's really a team effort.