How A Milwaukee Woman Became One of Hitler's Most Wanted

Jan 26, 2015

Milwaukee-born Mildred Harnack became the only American woman ever executed on the direct order of Adolf Hitler for her involvement in the Berlin resistance movement.
Credit Creative Commons

Mildred Fish Harnack played a key role in the resistance effort during World War II and was executed by the Nazi regime for it. 

But many Wisconsinites, today, don’t know who Harnack was or why the Milwaukee native’s birthday is honored in the state.

Kay Nolan wrote A Rebel Named Mildred for the January issue of Milwaukee Magazine, and she joined Lake Effect's Mitch Teich in the studio to share how she first discovered Harnack's story and what intrigued her about this woman's life.

"She is such an inspiration. She was a very courageous woman who used the power of words to fight a great injustice," Nolan said.