'I'm Not Going Anywhere': Musician Brett Newski's Nomadic Life Settles Back In The Midwest

Jul 3, 2019

Just like his song "Ride," musician Brett Newski’s been on quite a ride of his own recently: he’s been touring at breakneck speed across the world for almost a decade, living and working in four continents in the past five years.

Newski is understandably a bit tired after all that, so he slowed down and channeled his nervous energy into a different creative outlet. The result was his 2018 album Life Upside Down.

Although his globetrotting spirit is still alive and well, Newski has enjoyed settling down and finding community here in Milwaukee. And he’s playing at Summerfest this year, opening for Courtney Barnett Thursday evening at the Briggs and Stratton Backyard stage.

"Milwaukee's been amazing to me ... I think it’s cool to be in Milwaukee because you can actually have a stamp on the culture and be a part of the arts and a movement where you’re not just some disposable cog in some big machine," says Newski. "I'm not going anywhere."

He sat down to talk with Lake Effect’s Ben Binversie ahead of the Summerfest show: