Immersing Chinese Students Into Western Culture Via Milwaukee

Jun 10, 2015

As Milwaukee area’s schools prepare to wrap up classes, students of all ages are thinking about their summer plans. 

But the end of the school year marks the end of a long period away from home for students at one institution. The Wisconsin International Academy itself isn’t a school – rather it’s the home away from home for dozens of high school age students from China, who are attending schools in the Milwaukee area.

The academy occupies a former motel along Bluemound Road in the western reaches of Wauwatosa.

Jian Sun, WIA’s president, says students and their families see great value of school in the United States, versus the harsh expectations in China. "Coming to school in the U.S. is a competitive edge as it is viewed by the Chinese parents. The reason for that is the immersion in the Western culture," he says.