Initiative Hopes To Make Milwaukee's Tech Industry More Representative Of The City

Oct 3, 2019

Women and people of color are drastically underrepresented in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). According to the Pew Research Center, black people only make up 9% of STEM jobs. Hispanics are7%, Asians are 13%, and whites make up 69% of STEM jobs.

Jet Constellations CEO Nadiyah Johnson thinks those numbers are alarming.

"It's something that can be addressed. It's not rocket science. And I think that what's required in order to address these issues and to bring about equitable opportunities, is to consult, reach out to the right people," she says.

Jet Constellations is a local company that hopes to change that image, at least in Milwaukee. 

Nadiyah Johnson, CEO of Jet Constellations, leads a discussion about how to drive diversity in the Milwaukee tech ecosystem.
Credit Nadiyah Johnson / Jet Constellations

Recently, Jet Constellations and its initiative the Milky Way Tech Hub, partnered with American Family Insurance Institute for Corporate and Social Impact. The partnership aims to launch new startups, and drive diversity and inclusion in Milwaukee.

"The goal of the Milky Way Tech Hub in general is to make Milwaukee known as a place where black people, women, and people who fall under that whole underestimated and underrepresented category can come and thrive in tech," Johnson explains.

Johnson (far right) hosts a panel at The Milky Way Changing the Culture of STEM event during Startup Milwaukee week.
Credit Nadiyah Johnson/Jet Constellations

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