Kalmbach's 'Scale Auto' Celebrates 40 Years

May 1, 2018

Lake Effect speaks with contributor and car writer Mark Savage every month about trends in the automotive industry - from the minutiae to the bigger picture. But Savage also writes about much smaller cars - model cars, in fact.

Credit Scale Auto Magazine / facebook.com

"It's kind of creating your own special world in miniature because it's smaller and it's easier to deal with and you can fill a room or a house with it," he says.

Savage is the editor of Kalmbach’s Scale Auto magazine, a biweekly magazine devoted to replicas of cars, from model kits to die cast cars that hobbyists customize.

Some 20,000 people subscribe to the magazine, which is just turning 40 years old. Our other auto contributor, Dan Harmon, talks Savage about the state of the model automotive industry: