Laurie Benson, Co-Founder of Inacom Information Systems

Jul 17, 2018

Laurie Benson was trained as a nurse, but when she recognized in the early 1980s the impending importance of technology to businesses, she co-founded a tech startup.

Laurie grew Inacom Information Systems to $80 million of annual revenue and 150 employees before selling the IT systems integrator in 2009 to Core BTS. She has served as a director on seven corporate boards, formed LSB Unlimited to consult with business leaders, and is now executive director of Nurses on Boards Coalition. A common theme runs through all these endeavors: good leadership.

Here are some tips Laurie has for other entrepreneurs:

  • Everything is an opportunity! Recognize and act on opportunities.
  • Leadership is a privilege and responsibility that, at its best, elevates people and ideas. Discover and actively engage where you can have the most significant and lasting impact.
  • The more power you give away, the more power everyone has.
  • Surround yourself with brilliant people.
  • If you start a business based on what you hear and understand are the true needs of customers, you will be successful.
  • Always take time to encourage and support others along the way.