Making Sense of the Frequently Frustrating Milwaukee Bucks, & Other Sports News

Mar 7, 2018

There might still be melting snow on the roof of Miller Park, but there are a lot of baseball fans eager to get through March. Baseball’s spring training is underway, and there are some high hopes among the loyal Brewers rooters in town.

But how well-placed are those hopes with changing positions among the players? 

Managing editor of The Sports Post and Lake Effect sports contributor Shaun Ranft looks ahead at what we might expect from the 2018 Brewers, and tries to make sense of the frequently frustrating Milwaukee Bucks who can't seem to play a complete game.

"They either start too slow or they can't finish the game...which is an issue at this level," he says.

"Maybe they're just this team? Maybe they need someone else to take them to that next level? Maybe they just need to wait until the end of the season and find someone who is able to get the best out of all these guys at the same time? I don't know..."