Man Arrested For Alleged Shooting Threat Against MPS High School

Oct 23, 2019

Updated on Oct. 31 at 1:28 p.m. CT

A criminal case is proceeding against Riverside University High School student Eddie Seaberry, 20, who was charged with one count of making terrorist threats.

The criminal complaint against him describes the Facebook post that led to Seaberry's arrest, in which he is allegedly holding a BB gun and threatens to kill people who called him dumb. The police received calls about the post from the Riverside principal and parents of students.

The complaint says Seaberry told police he was sorry for the post and that he never intended to go to the school and shoot students. According to the complaint, Seaberry and his father said he was bullied by other students.

Original story

A 20-year-old Milwaukee man was arrested early Wednesday morning for an alleged shooting threat against Riverside University High School.

The Milwaukee Police Department said the threat occurred over social media.

In a statement, Milwaukee Public Schools said school would proceed as normal, with a police presence at Riverside.

The arrest took place within hours of a heated discussion among Milwaukee School Board directors and community members about school safety. A committee of board directors was considering a $217,600 contract for X-ray machines to scan bags for weapons and other prohibited items.

MPS administrators emphasized that the contract would simply replace old machines and would not be a new security measure. They said the machines have prevented weapons like knives and guns from making it through school doors.

But dozens of high school students spoke out against the contract, saying the X-ray machines are demeaning and represent the criminalization of black and brown children. Some noted that suburban high schools do not have metal detectors at their doors.

The committee of five school board members rejected the contract in a 3-2 vote.