Milwaukee Author Nick Petrie Strikes Again With 'The Wild One'

Jan 9, 2020

It’s January, and Milwaukee author Nick Petrie is releasing the newest book in his Peter Ash series. The Wild One is the fifth book in Petrie's popular series and it takes our intrepid protagonist — a Milwaukee native and a veteran of the Iraq war who suffers from PTSD — far from his Wisconsin home and sets him up in an inhospitable yet beautiful place. Think Iceland in winter.

Nick Petrie's newest book, 'The Wild One'.
Credit Nick Petrie /

Like in all of Petrie’s books, the mystery Ash is trying to solve is compelling, the characters sharply drawn, and the pace relentless. The Wild One will be released on Jan. 14, with a launch at Boswell Book Company the night before.

Lake Effect's Bonnie North will be talking with Petrie at the Boswell launch. But ahead of that, we asked him to come to the studio to give us a preview: