Milwaukee Music Roundup: Nile, Daydream Retrievers, Desi, The Quilz

Aug 31, 2020

As we all muddle through the dog days of summer, it can be refreshing to have a good summer playlist. Although most live shows have been put on hold because of the coronavirus pandemic, Milwaukee musicians continue to make music and, as always, Matt Wild has been listening. Wild is the co-founder of Milwaukee Record, which describes itself as an online source for music, culture, and gentle sarcasm. 

Among the many cultural things Milwaukee Record keeps track of is a nearly exhaustive list of new music from local musicians. Wild is the curator of that list and he joins Lake Effect every month to share a sample of what he’s been listening to.

Here's the latest Milwaukee Music Roundup:

"Internet (Go!)"

"[Internet (Go!)] is this strange mix of these very serene instrumental backings and then in the case of this song, this kind of very like energetic 'go, go, go' chanting," says Wild. "I just love the juxtaposition between this very energetic vocal paired with this very serene, very summer-esque backing."

Editor's note: This song contains strong language.

Daydream Retrievers
"Static On TV"

"Ian reached out to me and asked if 'this was the right time for a chipper, power pop-y, guitar song?', which is very much what this is. To which I informally said, 'there's never a bad time for this kind of song'," says Wild. 

"Stay Up"

"[Desi] describes it as: 'Stay Up was inspired by my need to honor my inner child, that fearless creativity that kids have because there's just something inside of them and a need to get it out,' " says Wild. 

The Quilz
"No One Should Hate"

"I've always really enjoyed their music. It's this really stately, new wave, and synthy, but this very stately and restrained sound," says Wild.