'Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service' Examines Sherman Park Three Years After Unrest

Aug 15, 2019

Three years ago, Milwaukee’s Sherman Park neighborhood erupted in protest. After the fatal police-shooting of 23-year-old Sylville Smith, tensions between police and the community culminated in the protests that made international headlines.

After the smoke cleared, the neighborhood came together and got to work. Promises were made by city officials to improve police-community relations and invest more resources in the community. But what has actually materialized?

All this week, the Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service is featuring stories about the unrest, what’s happened since, and what still needs to change.

"We’ve talked to faith leaders, we’ve talked to political leaders, we talked to neighbors, we talked to - basically ordinary people who do extraordinary things," says Ron Smith, editor and project manager of the Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service. "But the common denominator of all of this is that they live in the community. So they are talking from their vantage point."

Smith sat down with Lake Effect’s Joy Powers to talk about the series:

You can find more information about the Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service series on Sherman Park here.