Monday on Lake Effect: Environmental Justice, Mental Health Awareness, 'The People's Team'

Oct 7, 2019

Monday on Lake Effect:

A look at Milwaukee’s annual Summit on Poverty, which will - in part - tackle the topic of environmental justice. Then, in honor of mental health awareness week, we speak with two advocates who have their own experiences with mental health issues. We learn about a group of Latino Milwaukeeans, studying to become U.S. citizens. Plus, a new book about the Green Bay Packers goes far beyond football and looks at Vince Lombardi’s support for the team’s African-American players.


  • Dr. Monica White, associate professor of environmental justice, UW-Madison
  • Amy Osorio-Ayala and Amy Rupnick, students and mental health advocates
  • Barbara Miner, Lake Effect contributor
  • Mark Beech, author, The Peoples Team: An Illustrated History of the Green Bay Packers