Musicians J. Hardin & Hayward William Team Up To Form Coyote Brother

Jun 22, 2019

J. Hardin and Hayward Williams were both solo singer-songwriters working in Milwaukee, constantly "bumping into each other along the road." They even worked on each others' solo records.

"We liked the process of working together so much that we both just subconsciously [started] writing songs that the two of us could perform together," says Williams.

Hayward Williams (left) and J. Hardin are Coyote Brother. They performed in the Lake Effect performance studio ahead of their new single release.
Credit Mitch Teich

He and Hardin say that there was a strong appeal to becoming a team. "And it lends a certain accountability because neither of us want to let each other down, and so I think we’re kind of a stronger unit together," adds Hardin.

When they decided to team up for a new project, they formed the band Coyote Brother — an allusion to the Pete Seeger song Coyote, My Little Brother.

"It's kind of a song about a cheeky coyote and I like to think that, that's probably who we are to each other," Hardin exlains. "We trust each other, we love each other, we also do everything we can to maybe elbow each other in the ribs from time to time."

Hardin and William's close harmonies fit perfectly with their affinity for old folk songs filled with real-life characters and traditional folklore. They recently joined Lake Effect's Mitch Teich in the studio to talk about their partnership and new record:

Coyote Brother is Hayward Williams and J Hardin. Their new single just dropped and they’ll play a release party in July.