New Music Friday For July 27: Six Albums You Should Hear Now

Jul 27, 2018

On this week's New Music Friday, All Songs Considered's Robin Hilton talks to NPR Music guests Ann Powers and Stephen Thompson about the essential new releases for July 27, including the jangly guitar pop of Tony Molina, a celebration of queerness and the company we keep from Thin Lips and whimsical sing-a-longs from Raffi.

Featured on this Episode

  1. Israel Nash: Lifted
    Featured Song: "Rolling On"
  2. Phantastic Ferniture: Phantastic Ferniture
    Featured Song: "Bad Timing"
  3. Thin Lips: Chosen Family
    Featured Songs: "Chosen Family" and "Gaslight Anthem (The Song Not The Band)"
  4. Tony Molina: Kill the Lights
    Featured Song: "Nothing I Can Say"
  5. Raffi: Dog on the Floor
    Featured Song: "Play Play Play"
  6. Cody Jinks: Lifers
    Featured Song: "Head Case

Other notable releases for July 27: Daniel Bachman: The Morning Star, Thou: Rhea Sylvia, Astronauts Etc.: Living In Symbol

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