New Play 'Annie Jump & The Library Of Heaven' Opens At Renaissance Theaterworks

Mar 27, 2019

Annie Jump and The Library of Heaven
Credit Renaissance Theaterworks

Milwaukee’s Renaissance Theaterworks current season is called She Blinded Me With Science. From a play about horticulture wars to a dramatization of the story of Rosalind Franklin, the key scientist left out of the Nobel Prize for the discovery of the DNA double helix, this season has been an exploration of women and science.

The last play of the season is one that first showed up in 2017 as a Br!NK new play finalist. Written by Raina Hardy, Annie Jump and The Library of Heaven tells the story of a 13-year-old science prodigy in Kansas who’s dealing with an alien-obsessed father, her own adolescence, and a new influence in her life named Althea.

Hardy spoke with us recently while she was in town for rehearsals:

Annie Jump and The Library of Heaven opens Friday at the Studio Theatre in the Third Ward’s Broadway Theatre Center.