Nick Offerman On Human Rights & Handkerchiefs

Sep 10, 2019

Nick Offerman is best known for his Parks and Recreation character Ron Swanson. But the accomplished actor, comedian, and master woodworker, has a lot more to offer. 

Still, Offerman says the Ron Swanson character helps him connect with people, particularly as he tours with his stage show All Rise

He says he approaches his audiences like this, "You have enjoyed me talking about both bacon and eggs in the past but now let’s talk about human rights for a second (and let’s see if I can just keep you with me) and here’s a song about carrying a handkerchief."

Offerman is in Milwaukee showcasing his standup and music chops in All Rise, which he promises will include dancing, ukulele playing, and fashion tips for woodworking. The show will be at the Riverside Theater on Thursday, Sept. 12 at 7:30 p.m.