On That Note: The Art Of Performance

Robert Cohen
Credit Wolfgang Gauch

Lake Effect's monthly On That Note series with contributor and cellist Robert Cohen examines the life of a working, professional, classical musician.

This month, Bonnie North talks with cellist Robert Cohen about taking on the performance platform itself. He shares both his success stories and his scares, both have which taught him valuable lessons.

"The feeling of being on the platform...of playing and not being in control and not really knowing what I was doing was just terrible, and it was terrifying, and it was so negative that I swore to myself this would never ever happen again," Cohen says. "And I have to say it hasn't really ever happened again. I just make sure that my preparation is such that I can get on a platform and say, 'I'm calm and I know what to do.' But having said that, I think it is a very complicated process."

Lake Effect contributor Robert Cohen is an award-winning recording artist, conductor, artistic director and cellist for the Fine Arts Quartet