On That Note: Interconnecting Arts

Apr 10, 2017

Each month, cellist Robert Cohen joins us for a segment for an inside look into the life of a professional classical musician.

This month, Cohen had the opportunity to perform in a very special room at the Brera Gallery in Milan, Italy, for the opening of a Lorenzo Lotto exhibition. He was part of a series that linked the mentality of the painters and sculptures to the mentality of the composers of the pieces chosen to accompany the art work.

This format allowed the musicians unrestricted analysis according to Cohen.  "Something emanates from the paintings, the energy of those masters. It inspires you to be more in depth with your interpretation and your exploration of the music," he says.

The "fascinating and very inspiring" experience has Cohen thinking about how the arts inform each other:

Robert Cohen is an international renowned cellist based in London. He’s also a member of the Milwaukee-based Fine Arts Quartet, who will perform in Milwaukee at the end of the month.