Picking The Right Summer Camp For Your Child

Feb 25, 2020

Many parents have started to think about what their children will do while school is out of session this Summer. It can seem like a daunting task to go through the endless options that are offered to keep your child safe, happy and entertained. From costs to accessibility, there can be a lot that goes into making a decision on which summer camp to choose for your child.

"Your child gets an opportunity to meet new kids, to be away and really explore a little bit about their identity and learn all of those social skills," says Chris Lawson, an associate professor of psychology at UW-Milwaukee, whose research focuses on children. 

Lawson suggests that  having a conversation with your child to figure out what it is they want to accomplish is the best place to start. Summer camps often have a range of activities that focus on the arts, sports, theater and the list goes on. Knowing your child's strengths and abilities helps you make a choice that is right for your child and their needs.