Playing His Own Songs In His Own Way: A Conversation with Songwriter Jimmy Webb

Apr 10, 2018

From Wichita Lineman to All I Know to If These Walls Could Speak, Jimmy Webb’s songs have been covered by many in the pop and rock pantheon. In many ways, his catalogue of songs has defined American pop music for the past 5 decades. And since the early 90s, Webb has been on the road himself, performing his own songs in his own way. 

But it was the late Glen Campbell who truly shaped Webb's career:

"I know that when I was actually connected with Glen, it seemed - and I don’t want to be too sentimental about this - but seemed as though we sort of completed each other in some way."

Jimmy Webb will play at the Pabst Theatre on Thursday, April 12, and he spoke with Lake Effect's Bonnie North by phone before his performance.