Racine Art Museum Explores Family and Fandom

Aug 11, 2015

The Racine Art Museum is known for its somewhat quirky rotating exhibits alongside its more serious collection of sculpture, pottery and paintings.

Two temporary exhibits that are very different from each other in nature opened earlier this summer. One explores science fiction and fantasy-based themes of Doctor Who, Star Wars, superheroes, and steampunk, while the other showcases the work of familial artists—couples, parents and children, and siblings.

Kelly and Kyle Phelps are just two artists featured in the "All in the Family" exhibition.Credit Greg Rush / Racine Art MuseumEdit | Remove

Lena Vigna is curator of both “A Whole Other World: Sub-Culture Craft” and “All in the Family: Featuring Kelly and Kyle Phelps.” She says each offer a unique platform for conversation about art and artist/audience interaction.

"A lot of the artists talk about it being a very, very back-and-forth dialog. So I think that is a fascinating place to start to ask questions about really where ideas come from," Vigna says.

While "All in the Family" features original works, "Sub- Culture Craft" features art inspired from various fandoms, which creates a lighter atmosphere with open conversations expressing enthusiasm from both artists and fans alike.

"[The artists] talk about the work in terms of how it's made, but they can ask a lot of questions of the visitors and often find out more from [them]," she says.

“A Whole Other World: Sub-Culture Craft” runs through September 6th, and “All In the Family” is on until October 4th at the Racine Art Museum.