Radio Chipstone: That Oceanic Feeling

Jun 22, 2019

Artist Lydia Diemer and writer Riley Hanick have a thing for large bodies of water. Diemer and Hanick are the current artists in residence at The Bubbler, a Madison Public Library creative space that gives artists a way to work directly with patrons. Their water-inspired project is called The Office of Oceanic Feeling.

The Office of Oceanic Feeling is a combination of print, drawing, writing, photography, and installation works at The Bubbler in Madison.
Credit The Bubbler

The title comes from the French writer Romain Rolland. He coined the term “Oceanic Feeling” as a way to describe the feeling of being one with the universe.

"At the core of this project, we’re thinking a lot about how matter could potentially have agency. Not just humans, not just animals, not just plants, but also the things that surround us," explains Diemer.

In this edition of Radio Chipstone, Diemer, Hanick and contributor Gianofer Fields discuss the ocean as a place of myth, magic, and tragedy: