Sharon Lynn Wilson Center Partners With Capitol West Academy To Explore Gullah Culture

May 16, 2019

Gullah is the Creole language of the Gullah people who live on the coast of South Carolina and nearby islands. Gullah has an English base with elements from various West African languages incorporated into it.

The band Ranky Tanky, whose name means “a people blessed by God” in Gullah, is performing at the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center on Friday, May 17. As part of the weeklong intensive leading up to it, visual artist Francis Annan and some kids from Capitol West Academy are creating art in response to the music and Gullah culture.

"This project, specifically with Ranky Tanky, it was such a rich opportunity for us. They are a Gullah group from South Carolina, and there's so many layers to that. It's really an American story and an American folk music story," says Annelise Wolff, the director of engagement for the Wilson Center.