'This Is So Much Against What We Stand For': How Brexit Can Impact Musicians

Apr 1, 2019

Every month, cellist Robert Cohen joins us to talk about the life of a working, touring, professional musician. Past segments range in topics from concerts and venues, taking an instrument on the road, to teaching a new generation of cellists.

But today Cohen is thinking about politics — specifically Brexit and what it might mean both for British musicians who tour in Europe and non-British musicians who want to perform in the U.K. Cohen, a native Londoner, says the worry there has reached a fever pitch.

"This is so much against what we stand for, what music stands for. Music is about collaboration, about being together, about making a voice together, about a language together, about inclusion, about, you know, love, and about passion and beauty," he says. "... We are just all a community because we make music, and what we see in front of us is incredibly disturbing because it represents a division."

Cohen joins Lake Effect's Bonnie North to talk about the taxing uncertainly of Brexit and how his own experiences playing throughout Europe has shaped him: