'Something Deeply Hidden' Dives Into Controversial Many Worlds Theory

Sep 11, 2019

Ever since quantum mechanics came on the physics scene in 1927, scientists have struggled to reconcile it with Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity. They haven’t completely succeeded and Dr. Sean Carroll says that’s because they’ve failed to take into account the mysteries of quantum mechanics. Dr. Carroll is a theoretical physicist at the California Institute of Technology and his newest book is Something Deeply Hidden: Quantum Worlds and the Emergence of Spacetime.

"Many worlds has a little bit of a bad reputation," Dr. Carroll says. "The name is provocative and fun and gets people's attention, but really gets some people attention in the wrong way, right? They don't want to believe that there are many copies of them floating around and being created all the time."

Dr. Carroll is a leading proponent of what is called the Many-Worlds theory, which says that any time there is a quantum event, copies of the world spin off. He is talking about the book and his research Thursday, September 12 at the Fireside Lounge on the second floor of the UWM Student Union.