St. Charles' RePurpose says 'YES!' to Milwaukee Youth

Jul 25, 2014

St. Charles' RePurpose gives Milwaukee youth a chance to prove themselves.
Credit repurposemke


Helping youth get that critical experience is at the heart of the mission of the Youth Employment Services, or YES, program. It’s run by the Milwaukee nonprofit St. Charles Youth and Family Services, Inc., a social service agency that serves at-risk youth and their families.

Last year, St. Charles’ opened RePurpose, a non-profit resale shop in Sherman Park, to serve as a training ground for these young people to learn on-the-job work skills.

"A lot of our young people have been said 'no' to a lot, and so we say come on in, let's establish some professional expectations and let's see if you can rise to that," says Scott Carpenter.

Scott Carpenter is the vice president of organizational development for the Milwaukee social services agency St. Charles Youth and Family Services, Inc.. It runs the Y.E.S. program teaching at-risk youth job skills out of its RePurpose resale shop in Sherman Park.