The State Of Journalism Education

Jan 11, 2019

Journalism is often described as the “Fourth Estate” in our democracy — as important to our society as the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government.  As a listener to public radio, there is no doubt you appreciate the importance of good journalism.

But, as you know, journalists around the world are under attack.  Whether it is being taunted with chants of fake news by people at political rallies or being physically assaulted and even killed by agents of governments, unhappy with critical news stories. Despite these challenges, universities across the country continue to prepare the next generation of women and men who will become the journalists of tomorrow.

On this edition of UWM Today, we take a look at the state of journalism education. Our guest is David Allen, a professor at UW-Milwaukee’s Department of Journalism, Advertising and Media Studies. He was recently awarded UWM’s Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award.