Tammy Baldwin Sweeps U.S. Senate Race

Nov 7, 2018

Tammy Baldwin handily won a second term as U.S. Senator, defeating Republican Leah Vukmir in Tuesday's midterm elections.

At her campaign celebration at Monona Terrace, a euphoric Baldwin credited her victory to her supporters for their "from the bottom up" grassroots campaign.

These UW-Madison students were among the college-age voters who campaigned for Tammy Baldwin.
Credit Susan Bence

"And for me, it's always been about doing right by Wisconsin. Doing right by people with pre-existing health conditions who need champions to protect their health care and stand up to the special interests who would take it away," she said.

Baldwin said it's also important to do right by farmers, other workers and veterans.

She urged people who rallied around the midterm elections to remain engaged in the political process.

"The only thing that will bring the change that our nation needs is you. Our democracy demands more than simply to try to beat the other side ... Let's commit ourselves to something that's larger than our own political interests and something that is bigger than ourselves. Let us tonight begin to work toward the common good" she said.

Sheri Swokowski stood in the crowd, taking in Baldwin's words.

"Well, I think the most important thing facing our country is get rid of the hate and the divisiveness, work together. Tammy has been known to work across the aisle, she's not afraid to do that. We just need people on the other side of aisle to reach out as well," Swokowski said.

By winning Tuesday's election, Baldwin secures a second six-year term in the Senate.

Election night at Monona Terrace in Madison, Wis.
Credit Susan Bence