Tips For Starting Seeds Inside And Winter Sowing

Mar 20, 2020

Although social distancing has many of us stuck at home, there are still opportunities to reconnect with nature. Health professionals suggest getting fresh air, taking walks, and even adding some greenery to your life.

March is a bit early to start digging in the ground, but there are still some ways to work out your green thumb. Gardening expert Melinda Myers has a lot of useful tips for starting seeds indoors, including what plants you should start in March. 

"Right now it’s a good time to start broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower — those things that cool because they’ll be ready to plant outside end of April, they’ll be a good size, not too big," says Myers. 

You can start other plants indoors right now, but Myers warns if you start something like tomatoes or peppers, they'll likely become leggy, making them more difficult to transplant into the garden. If you really want to start things outside and get into the garden, Myers says you could try winter sowing. She explains how:

"Take a milk jug, drill four holes in the bottom ... cut the top off so the bottom's about 4 inches deep and then you leave the handle attached ... fill that bottom with potting mix ... moisten, then plant your seeds ... Then you close it, duct tape it shut, take the cap off and put it [somewhere outside] so they do get rain and snow."

Myers suggests checking on it if it hasn't rained or snowed in a while, but otherwise, it should easily start seeds by itself.