Tony Evers Wins Democratic Primary, Will Face Gov. Walker

Aug 14, 2018

Tony Evers will face-off with Republican Gov. Scott Walker in November’s general election, as he won Tuesday’s Democratic primary.

He beat out seven other Democratic candidates vying for the chance to challenge Walker. Lucas was the only one who's won a statewide election before and now faces his biggest challenge yet.

Walker has built up a big financial advantage for his re-election bid. He's already run many television ads touting his record of the past eight years.

Evers is the Wisconsin State Superintendent of Public Instruction and has been elected to the office three times. He has been in education his entire adult career.

Evers was the Deputy State Superintendent of Public Instruction from 2001 to 2009. Prior to that, Evers was the chief administrator of Cooperative Educational Service Agency 6, which serves school districts in east central Wisconsin. He was also a curriculum auditor for Texas, California, Indiana, Kansas and Ohio.

In July, he told WUWM’s Marti Mikkelson that he would make education his top priority as governor.