Training For A Marathon in Milwaukee? Here Are Some Tips

Oct 14, 2014

Credit Peter Mooney / Flickr

The Chicago Marathon came and went this past weekend, and before that it was Milwaukee’s Lakefront Marathon.

And while each event drew thousands, there are many more people in the community who are curious whether they might have what it takes to cover the 26.2 miles someday – and what it might take to train for a marathon.

That question is the central focus of a new monthly feature in Milwaukee Magazine called Rec Department. Writer and managing editor Tim McCormick joins Lake Effect's own marathon veteran, Bonnie North, to talk about his feature on marathon training in Milwaukee.

"It is a lot of time commitment in the lead up. We found that a lot of people, maybe their hitting a milestone...a lot of it is a do-gooder type attitude to get you off the couch and into 26.2 miles," McCormick says.