The True Brew City Continues to Evolve

Sep 15, 2015

Despite Miller’s merger with Coors and the subsequent move of its headquarters to Chicago, Milwaukee remains, solidly, a beer town.  But the difference today is that the beer landscape is no longer populated by monoliths.

In fact, it might be more like the early days of brewing here, when scores of smaller breweries competed to make the best brew.  This month, Milwaukee Magazine taps into the ever-expanding barrel that is beer in Milwaukee. 

"It's not just, 'I'm going to use this stout beer to make my brisket,' or something like that. Those things are maybe a little more expected, but you're seeing some really unique kinds of things happening," says senior editor Ann Christenson.

Ann Christenson is senior editor and Claire Hanan is associate editor at Milwaukee Magazine.  The feature, “The New Brew City,” is the cover story in the September issue.