Tuesday on Lake Effect: Trump's UK Visit, 'The Robots Are Coming!', Beats Me

Jun 4, 2019

Tuesday on Lake Effect:

Our foreign policy contributor puts President Trump’s state visit to the U.K. into a historical context. Then,  a recent book looks at the long history of robots displacing human workers and how that dynamic is changing. Plus, are Milwaukeeans endangered by herbicides and pesticides in public parks? Our Beats Me segment examines that issue. And with a commemorative statue set to be unveiled this weekend, we learn about the pro wrestler and South Milwaukee native known as “Da Crusher.”


  • Art Cyr, Lake Effect foreign policy contributor
  • Andres Oppenheimer, author, The Robots Are Coming!: The Future of Change in the Age of Automation
  • Beats Me
  • Chris Smith, organizer, ‘Da Crusher’ Statue