Two UWM Scientists Are Leading The Effort To Improve Lithium-Ion Battery Capacity

Jan 28, 2021

If you open up your cell phone or iPad you will find lithium-ion batteries powering the units. The same goes for electric vehicles you see on the road. The lithium-ion batteries work far better than the standard nickel-cadmium batteries and the inventors of the lithium-Ion units won the Nobel Prize in chemistry for their discovery. But there are still limitations on how well the lithium-ion batteries perform. Now two UWM scientists have created a material that may dramatically increase the energy storage capacity of the batteries.  And they have raised more than a million dollars and started a company to bring their product to market. UWM physics professors Carol Hirschmugl and Marija Gajdardziska-Josifovska are behind the discovery and they join us on this edition of UWM Today.