Unlikely Valentines: Public, Private School Leaders Come Together to Share The Love

Feb 12, 2016

School choice is an extremely divisive issue in Milwaukee, and across the state.

Public and private education advocates are passionate about their respective sectors – and their students, yet not always about each other.

But with Valentine’s Day on the horizon, educators from public, charter and voucher schools decided to embrace the spirit of the holiday this week.

They tucked politics away for one night to show each other some "cross-sector love." 

The group Schools That Can Milwaukee hosted the happy hour event at Schlitz Park. Leaders estimate that about 70 educators attended throughout the night to make connections and discuss best practices. 

"Things like this always remind us that we're part of a much bigger movement than what we do in our classroom day to day," said Amanda Sauer, a teacher in the Milwaukee College Prep charter network. 

It sounds as if the potential for cross-sector collaboration is there – it’s just a matter of feeling the love.